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Ebook Kitab Fathul Bari Pdf Torrent Rar Full Edition

The Kitab Fathul Bari, which was written over a period of forty years, is the most comprehensive Arabic encyclopedia on all aspects of medicine. Because it's written in Arabic, it has remained inaccessible to Western doctors throughout history. It also covers numerous subjects never before mentioned by Arab scholars. The book is divided into four major chapters - diseases, their causes and cures; foods and drinks; medicines for both humans and animals; treatments of skin diseases. Some treatments are herbal remedies while others are more modern medical practices that are still very effective today. The Kitab also includes accurate descriptions of the folklore that has been passed down through generations about illnesses, treatments, herbs used for prevention or cure etc. The Kitab also contains valuable information about the increasing population that the Muslim empire experienced in the 13th century. The author mentions that in Cairo there were around 4,000 doctors and 9,000 pharmacists! The duties of these doctors included regular health checks on famers' animals, supervising public baths and hospitals, meeting with patients daily etc. All these tasks were to be carried out after their normal day jobs. Nasir al-Din Tusi (1201-1274), known in the West as "the prince of Arabic scientists," was one of the most influential scientists in history in spite of his humble beginnings. He was born in the walled town of Tus, Khurasan, near Iran's border with Afghanistan. His father was a minor tax collector for the city. At an early age he showed great promise in learning and memorization which led his father to pull him out of school and hire a tutor for him. However, Nasir al-Din did not like this and ran away from home and went back to school where he continued studying on his own. Nasir al-Din is perhaps most well known for his prolific writing on astrology. He produced over forty books on the subject, some of which are still in existence today. In his later years, Nasir al-Din focused on translating and compiling many of the most famous books in astronomy into one volume. This work took a great deal of time and effort but was completed after twenty years. It has been highly praised for its accuracy and readability. He also wrote a book just for women called "The Aims of Women". It was meant to instruct women in proper behavior according to both Islamic law and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammed. It also describes how women should conduct themselves in their daily routines. The book also includes detailed descriptions of what women should wear when out of the house. This information is important to help explain why some Muslim women dress so conservatively today. Nasir al-Din mentions many issues that are still faced by Muslim women today such as domestic violence, child brides, etc. He explains how Islam views these issues and offers solutions for situations of abuse or conflict within marriage. 8eeb4e9f32 28

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